Akos Szoboszlay

Love to travel. Looking for 3rd world travelers, especially mtn bike touring.

To maximize viewing resolution (so  more details are visible), use a large display.  

Captions of fotos are no longer normally shown when viewed in a browser or the SmugMug TV app  (as of mid 2019).  However, they appear if you (1) move the mouse or (2) use a browser with a wide display, as follows:

1) Mouse move:  You may have to move the mouse for each picture. About half of the fotos have captions.

2) Use browser on a wider display (such as the TV aspect ratio). Click the icon with triple horizontal lines to show metadata (info) about the foto.  The Title (or caption) is shown. This also shows a map of where the foto taken, and other info.

Here are my more detailed instructions and my recommendations:



Folders: Family albums (need password for Family folder), 2020 trips and 2019 trips.